Gentil Saraiva's C.V.

My given name is Gentil Saraiva Jr., and I have a Ph.D. from UFRGS.

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I was born in Espinosa, Minas Gerais, Brasil, in 1967. I went to primary school and high school in Minas Gerais. In 1986 I moved to Porto Alegre to go to university. In 1987, I entered the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul to take a course in Languages, and I majored in English and Portuguese. I graduated in 1991. I worked for some time teaching English and soon afterwards I decided to do a Master's course at the same University due to my dream: translate Walt Whitman's poems into Portuguese. I submitted a project, which was accepted: the translation of three books by Walt Whitman: "Song of Myself"; "Children of Adam" and "Calamus". My theory and practice in translation were based on the idea of poetic re-creation, which has a great tradition in Brazil, from Odorico Mendes, Concretistas (Concrete poets) and some excellent translators nowadays.
Besides Walt Whitman's poetry, I practiced translation by re-creating other famous poets' works in Portuguese, too, like James Joyce's "Chamber Music" and Omar Khayyam's "Rubaiyat".
After having worked as a teacher of English and Translator at my own Language School, taught at two English courses and several private schools, as well as in companies, I have just finished my doctorate in Poetic Translation at UFRGS, where I  continued the re-creation of Walt Whitman's poetry into Portuguese.

Below is my C.V.:



Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.



Teaching of English / Literature

Translation / Version

Teaching of Literary Translation: Poetry / Prose



From 2013 onwards - Editing, publishing, translating, writing
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From 2009 to 2012 - Translation, publishing, writing, blogging

From 2005 to 2008 - Doctorate at UFRGS.

From 1992 to 2004 - Teaching English + Translation / Version in the following fields: Literature, Business, Computer Science, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

From 2002 to 2004 - Owner of MR. KIND - PERSONALIZED TEACHING OF ENGLISH - Teaching English to adults, students + Translations.

1996/2002- English Teacher at Dominium Curso de Inglês.

1999/2002 - Pedagogical coordinator at Dominium Curso de Inglês.

1999/2002 - English teacher at the following companies: GKN of Brazil; ADP-RS; ZERO HORA Newspaper; BANDEIRANTES TV; and Central Bank of Brazil.

1996/2002 - English teacher at Colégio Leonardo da Vinci - Unidade Beta: Primary school and High School.

1999/2002 - English teacher at Colégio Unificado - Unidade Alberto Bins.

1999/2002 - Pedagogical coordinator of English at Colégio Unificado - Unidade Alberto Bins.




Doctorate in Poetic Translation - March, 2005 - November, 2008.

Master's Degree in Poetic Translation: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Course started in March, 1993 and finished in November, 1995.

Majored in English / Portuguese. Course started in March, 1987, and finished in November. 1991.